The Law Of Attraction and Business

There is a lot of excitement around the concept of the Law Of Attraction at the moment. The Law of Attraction simply states, “Like attracts like”. This means that the thoughts you are putting out will attract back to you similar realities, so that your thoughts and intentions become self-prophetic. In business, this can be very powerful and you can use “The Law” to attract new clients, get great media coverage, loyal employees, business opportunities and empower and motivate yourself and any staff members you may have because you will be able put out thoughts and intentions of success and attract these things into your business.

Here is a bit of historical background on what the Law Attraction is: Thomas Trowad was one of the earliest thinkers of the New Thought movement and he explained that “thought comes before its physical manifestation”. This means that the conditions you experience in your business (and in your personal life too) first originated from your thoughts.

When you start out in business, you are excited and optimistic that you will find success in your enterprise. You can visualize having more time, making more money, travelling more and growing your spirituality. However, something happens along the way and you start to work harder, earning less and having little time for yourself or for family, this is the situation I found myself in personally whilst still discovering the law. I really was no better off that when I was working a 9-5 job, in fact I had much longer hours running my business.

What happens at that moment? It all depends on the vibration or intentional thoughts that you are sending out to the Universe. Most of the times we do not even know that we are projecting negative thoughts and emotions and thus attracting back these things. When the initial euphoria of starting a business is no longer alive, it is easy to give into negative states of mind, notably worry and doubt about the performance of your business. And, because the law of attraction is always at work, you will attract situations of scarcity, under performance, low sales and return on investment.

However there is hope because this also works the other way. When you project mental images, thoughts and firm intentions of success in your business, the concept of the law of attraction & business begins to work for you. But this is more than just luck and positive thinking, though positive thinking does play a big role in your attracting of business success. For the law of attraction & business concept to work for you, you must first realize that you are a spiritual being and so are your customers. You and all other living things in the universe communicate through spiritual energy. Visualization is how you make use of this spiritual medium to create mental images that are then projected to the Universe and send back to you in their physical form. Thus, you need to be sending strong intentions or visualizing what you want for your business.

Is it more customers? More sales and revenues? More referrals and new, bigger customers? Expansion into other towns, cities or countries?

According to the law of attraction, visualization is much more than dreaming and hoping that customers will come. It is setting powerful intentions that customers are coming to buy from you, that they will be willing to spend money on your products, and they will refer others to your business. Visualization also comes with emotion. By mixing thought and emotion, you are automatically setting the Law of Attraction into motion and the universe will begin to fulfil your desires.

It is important that you do not permit feelings and thoughts of doubt and fear to contaminate your positive mental images. If this happens, you will receive mixed results, for example, one big customer comes, buys from you for a short time and then leaves.

One way to look at it is this way: ask, believe and receive. Ask by visualizing, believe by having faith that the business success you have asked for is already yours, and then anticipate what you have asked for. As you anticipate, you have to put yourself in the emotional state you will be in when you receive the conducive business conditions you have asked for.

The mistake that most of use make when using the law of attraction in regards to business is that we forget to draw the line between deliberate attraction and being too attached to the outcome. This is a big no-no. Deliberate attraction is really aligning yourself with the positive energy of the business success you want. This means no self-doubt and pessimism. However, do not fall into the trap of obsessing over this particular outcome. If you do, you will be sending out the emotion of fear, and resistance and doubting that the Universe will bring to you that which you have asked for. This might be difficult to do, especially when your business and income is at stake, but you have to learn to be unattached to the outcome.

Give up the fear and resistance and you will be on the true road.

When you are less attached to the outcome, you have more time to positively and deliberately work on the processes in your business. Yes, you will have to take action while you use the concept of the law of attraction & business. However, the action you take will be inspired by positive visualization, positive anticipation and positive thought.

Here is something to consider about taking action: The law of attraction does not work in a vacuum; you have to take action in your business, carrying out the tasks that you should be. However, this will not feel like work, once you align yourself with the positive energy of the success that you are attracting. If you are planning to launch and implement your marketing campaign, go ahead and do this. However, remember to deliberately set the intentions for what you want your campaign to achieve. If you are looking to launch a new product, take action and deliberately attract positive responses from clients.

Experiencing the law of attraction work in your life and business will give you more confidence in these theories, gradually you will then begin to attract success much more easily.

4 Main Things That You Should Know About Email Marketing That Can Boost Your Online Business Revenue

The world is moving very fast and every day new developments change the way people shop for products and services. In order to stay competitive in online businesses, the business owners are reminded to change their marketing strategies to suit the needs of the online buyers. One of the key areas they need to look into is email marketing. Making good use of this particular marketing enables the business owners to boost their business revenue in the long run.

Here are some of the key points I would like to share with you:

Point No.1: Knowing the purpose

In order to promote your online business, you need to advertise. In general, advertisement cost is usually high. The purpose of having email marketing is to assist you to reach a large number of potential customers at very minimal cost within a short period time. You need a platform to promote your new products or services. Email marketing is able to assist you to create awareness among the public and attract them to visit your website. When the number of online users who visit your site increases, you stand a higher chance to generate more revenue.

Point No.2: Decide your budget

To be frank, email marketing involves a certain amount of cost. If you are a new comer in online business, you are reminded to work out your budget carefully. You need to decide which demographics or target market you want to reach. If you want to achieve great success in email marketing, you must know what type of people who will be interested in your business first. Don’t just simply spend money on email marketing without having clear direction.

Point No.3: Decide the party who handles your email marketing

You can’t handle this on your own. You need an advertising company to handle the entire email marketing campaign for you. Selecting the trustworthy service provider is essential so that you will be able to reach your target market easily within your budget. Hence, you are reminded to spend your time selecting the right company who can provide you a value-for-money package.

Point No.4: The content of your advertisement

Seriously speaking, many online business owners, including your competitors, are using email marketing nowadays. How are you going to differentiate yourself with others? You need to look into the content of your advertisement carefully. What kind of message you want to convey? What text to be used? What graphics are interesting? How to portray your unique business image? It is important for you to plan these so that you can gain the attention of the potential customers at the first place when they receive the emails related to your business. Please keep in mind that if the content of your advertisement is too general, no matter how many emails you send out to the people, you will never get any response.

Email marketing is not complicated at all. Knowing how it works enables you to plan your business better. A last reminder here is you must do proper tracking after the emails are sent out. You have to measure the results accordingly so that you can check whether this type of marketing is really effective.

The Types of Risks in Business That Will Hurt You in the Long Run

Risk management is not just about money

The types of risk that will hurt your business will often be the small ones you make everyday while running your business as the following examples show;

  • Hiring the wrong employee
  • Selling poor quality products
  • Not checking the building, equipment, or plant before purchasing
  • Customer hurting themselves in your business

All of these common business actions have potentially severe or catastrophic consequences if you fail to assess the risks properly.

Hiring employees is a big risk

Less than 30% of organisations do reference checking of any kind and yet they let these new employees into their workplaces and give them access to confidential details and assets.

The risk that will hurt you in the long run is your bookkeeper. Hiring or contracting the wrong person will expose all your finances and contracts to theft or mismanagement causing you to lose contracts. This has been known to bankrupt companies when the bookkeeper or payroll person has willingly falsified financial data.

Slips, trips & falls

Everytime a customer, client, employee or even a guest comes into your business you have the responsibility to provide a safe environment. All its takes is one of them to slip or trip and you can end up with years of court appearances and hundreds of thousands in compensation payments.

An example of a common fall injury is a broken arm;

  1. This type of business risk will cost $12,000 -$35,000 for the injury
  2. Court fee and legal costs of over $3,000
  3. Fine for breaching safety laws, of $65,000 per breach
  4. Expenses to make the area safer and train all your staff appropriately in excess of $5,000
  5. In addition, your workcover insurance will now increase once a claim has been made

All this because a customer slipped in your business and fell on their arm? Think it doesn’t happen, think again as its a weekly event in newspapers when a business is made to pay compensation.

Ignorance is not bliss

As a business owner you have 100% responsibility to manage your business within the laws and regulations. You cannot claim ignorance about anything your business does or doesn’t do.

  1. Not pay employees the correct wages can cost you $33,000 for each employee underpaid, plus you will be required to backpay up to 6 years of their employment.
  2. Not check that you are licenced and permited to operate your business from your new leased premises. It only takes a council inspector to visit and shut your business down on the spot if you are not compliant.

Remember that your business is exposed to a risk every time your business does something without knowing the legal compliance or conducting its actions lawfully.

“All its takes is one disgruntled person that knows you are not doing the right thing to report on you, and an auditor will be visiting soon.”